My Tiramisu: “Pick Me Up!”

red velvet or tiramisu. red velvet…tiramisu…#countingbuttons .

My Tiramisu

My Tiramisu

“Pick me up!” said the tiramisu in my head, LOL. Apparently according to an article in Wikipedia, Tiramisu in Italian means “pick me up” literally yet “make me happy” metaphorically. So I was right then when I picked Tiramisu to make instead of the Red Velvet.

Initially I thought it was difficult to make a home-made tiramisu. But when I checked Delia Online‘s recipe, Tiramisu, then all of my worries were gone. The ingredients and the method are very simple to make apparently! It even didn’t take me long time to make it. It really is simple!

I served five (5) for this Delia’s recipe by using trifle glass bowls.

Does this Tiramisu ‘make me happy’? Yes, it sure does!

My Tiramisu

My Tiramisu. Perhaps it's nicer to add some strawberry for the topping.


Updated: I just made it tonight and added some strawberry for the topping.

My Tiramisu

My Tiramisu with Strawberry Topping


8 thoughts on “My Tiramisu: “Pick Me Up!”

    • diameter gelasnya 8,5 cm, mbak Amela 🙂 . Gak gede koq, biasa dipakai utk ice cream atau utk trifle. Jadi lebih pada efek fotonya mungkin 😀

      kalau dari resep Delia, dia menghasilkan 6 gelas sementara saya 5, tp itupun biskuitnya saya hanya pakai 15 biji 🙂

    • hahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahaa…your witty comment always made my day, Mark! 🙂

      Next time I’ll make sure that the download button is provided! LOL

      Thanks, Mark!

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